Stay home please!

We are asking all of our members NOT to venture outside of their homes if it's not essential to do so.

If you do, you are not only putting yourself in grave danger but could potentially put the lives of many families at risk.

We need to protect our essential services workers now more than ever, please do your part by staying home!

Covid-19 Update

In recent weeks, we’ve seen the human and economic effects of COVID‑19 — but we’ve also seen the best of each other.

We see it in doctors, nurses, and first responders who are on the front lines helping people directly affected by this situation. And we see it in grocery store clerks, sanitation workers and good neighbours, who are helping to keep us all moving forward. Thank you to everyone for doing their part to get us through this challenging time.

On a final note, when we suggest you "Stay at Home" at this time, this does not mean you shouldn't be going to the grocery store or pharmacy. If you must go, let's be smart about this and pick a time that would be less crowded, be efficient in picking up only the items on a list that you have prepared in advance. Do not touch produces or items you have no intention to purchase, this is not the time to decide if the price is right. If you need to exercise, consider doing this in the safety of your home or in your backyard if this is an option. Otherwise, take to the streets confining your walk in your immediate neighbour, this is not the time to stop to chat with others or to visit surrounding neighbourhoods by car or by bike.